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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Oxymoron Diaries | Numb Feeling

Oxymoron Diaries|Numb Feeling. I've had this one in draft mode for awhile now, simply because I was too ticked at myself to write it. Ticked at myself because the oxymoron "numb feeling" I'm talking about is inspired by my own thumb. Yes, my thumb.

Okay, so here's the story ... I was making a vat full of spaghetti sauce about a month ago. When making a VAT of anything, you need BIG cans of ingredients. On this particular day, that would mean a can of tomato puree the size of a footstool. Kinda hard to get one of those suckers open, but I gave it my best shot. Unfortunately, my best shot ended with blood splattering the backsplash of the sink and me screaming obscenities. It also ended with my thumb now having a numb feeling over most of its surface.
oxymoron diaries | numb feeling

oxymoron diaries | numb feeling

I'm thinking if after a month I still can't feel a dang thing when I touch my thumb, that perhaps the can lid that sliced through my thumb must have severed a nerve.

Hence the numb feeling. Hence the numb thumb.

Hence the oxymoron. Hence the blog post.

oxymoron diaries | numb feeling

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Oxymoron Diaries | Fragile Strength

Oxymoron Diaries|Fragile Strength. This oxymoron phrase has been rolling around in my skull for a few weeks now, but today seems to be the day that it pops on out and enters the real world. I heard this in a song recently, don't remember which one right now, but it reminded me of something I've had written on a piece of paper laying on my desk for years - "I'm strong on the surface, but not all the way through." Truthfully, I think that phrase came from song lyrics, too.

It may seem impossible to be fragile and strong at the same time, but I think a lot of women face that scenario on a daily basis. I know I do. Some days more than others. Men, too, I'm sure.

oxymoron diaries | fragile strengthThink of it this way ... you KNOW you have to get something accomplished that is very important, but you also have a million other commitments and a million other items that need to be accomplished that are very important. Plus you may be the only person around you who has her act together most of the time, but some days after the important stuff is done, you literally fall to pieces. You were strong enough to accomplish your goal, but the second it was done, YOU were done. PERIOD.
oxymoron diaries | fragile strength
Doesn't happen often, but SOMETIMES you just want to take a sabbattical and be responsible for nothing and no one. Some days you want to let the fragile side take over and have someone help YOU, instead of the other way around. That doesn't mean you aren't strong, it just means you're human.

Everybody needs to take a break and rejuvenate. Make sure you do that.
I know I need to put a little more PINK in my day planner sometimes. (Anything pink in my planner means it's personal time.) When I start feeling fragile, instead of strong, I know I need to take a step back after I've accomplished that pile of important stuff and take a deep breath, be fragile for a moment, and then go out and kick some more butt.

Yeah, kicking butt gets me over that FRAGILE mood in a nano second. Today I am going to murder some weeds in my garden. I'm gonna kick their butts!

oxymoron diaries | fragile strength

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