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Oxymoron Diaries
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oxymoron Diaries | Comfortable Stilettos and Just back from Vegas, Baby!

Oxymoron Diaries | Comfortable Stilettos. I'm just back from a meeting in Las Vegas and boy, oh boy, was it ripe with oxymorons. In fact, I have a new appreciation for the term Oxymoron.

First on my list is Comfortable Stilettos.

Hard as a tried, my feet were a hurtin' from the git go.

I needed to wear heels for my meetings so I had no choice. Plus my new blue suit was a bit conservative and the length on the skirt was about an inch too long. The only thing I could do to change that quickly was to up my heel height, right? Yeah, right. Ouch.

Below is evidence of the crime scene. Believe me when I say these suckers were 5 inches if they were an inch. Only a three quarter inch platform though. They looked fantastic. My legs were gorgeous. Problem was my toes were fire engine red when I took them off.
Platinum Stilettos

You would think I'd learn my lesson, but no. Heaven forbid I hit the Strip in comfortable shoes. Not with all those long legs, micro mini skirts and sky high shoes going on all over the place. I refused to look like I was from Ohio.

So, pair #2 looked like this ... even higher and with a 1 inch platform. Plus peep toes, so all that height made my toes try to squish out the little peep toe. Double ouch. Double red.
Black Stilettos

I finally resorted to my foldable flat ballet slippers that I never leave home without. I looked like a dork, but I wasn't screaming and wincing with every step I took. I did, however, put on my favorite cap so no one would recognize me looking like a dork. If I had been wearing capri jeans or a skirt I could have pulled it off, but I had on long flared brown dress jeans and had to tuck three inches of fabric into the back of the flats. "Dork" was probably an understatement. The people I was with made me walk in back of them ... way in back of them.
Foldable Flats

My only relief before I resorted to foldable flats was to sit down and try my luck at the penny slots.

Hence, my next post will be titled ... Oxymoron Diaries|Frugal Gambler.

I did notice at the airport on the way home that pretty much everyone, every man, woman, and child had flip flops on and their toes were fire engine red. So I don't feel quite so stupid or vain.

Stay tuned for Frugal Gambler, Delicious Buffet, and perhaps a few other Oxymoron Diary entries.

Later ... I gotta go soak my feet.
Epson salts and the whole nine yards.

Love ya ...
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