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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oxymoron Diaries | Pink Slime

Oxymoron Diaries | Pink Slime. Okay, again, I realize you are probably scratching your heads. But again, just think about it. When the word "slime" pops into your head, do you usually picture it PINK? I don't. More like infectious green, or yellow-ish or brown. Or that dark purple that bruises turn into. Get the picture? Definitely not PINK!
oxymoron diaries|pink slime
I'm sort of ticked off about the whole thing actually, so I am not even going into the details of this secret addition, aka intrusion, to our diets. The rant might go on for days.

oxymoron diaries|pink slimeOkay, okay, you made me do it. It's simple. I don't want that crap in my burgers. In fact, from what I've read, if pink slime is included, there very well could be a higher incidence of actual CRAP in my burgers!

Now I know why, when I use to grind my own beef, it was bright red and stayed that same bright red for a year in the freezer, while store-bought turned colors quickly. I guess it's time to get out the Kitchen Maid meat grinder attachment again and go looking for good deals on chuck roasts.

All I know is that I will never eat another burger again unless I know it is fresh ground on the premises with no pink slime added.

I'm gonna call this my Anti - Pink Slime Diet. Bet I lose weight.

Yep, Pink Slime is definitely an Oxymoron and today's addition of The Oxymoron Diaries.
oxymoron diaries|pink slime
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